Saturday, February 21, 2009

Update 54/40

I have not been able to do a lot of quilting. My Uncle passed away on the 12th after a two week illness, and things have been hectic. Doug was diabetic and on dialysis for several years, he and Vickie (my Aunt) made the decision to stop all treatments. It was a very hard decision, but one I agree with and support. His death has also dredged up memories of my mom's passing (a few months ago), leaving me sad, blue, and in no mood to quilt or do much of anything. I also worry about a friend who is also diabetic and is not even willing to talk about dialysis. His doctor has said that without dialysis he has at most 3 months. Stan is worn out and tired all the time, and has been having bouts of confusion, I doubt that he will last the 3 months, more like 3 weeks.

54/40 Update - Well what started out crib size, made up from a few orphan blocks, has morphed into a King size top, yes that's right, I had to make more blocks. Tarranda asked me to make it big enough for a bedspread, so its now 96x108. Still on the design wall - at least half of it is - won't all fit so I'm having to sew it in sections. I have all the row components finished and just need to assemble the last few rows (6 rows left), then sew them together. The borders and binding are ready to go, and the longarm quilter is expecting the top the first of next month. With luck I can get it finished up tomorrow, I am eager to get started on a different quilt - am getting tired of this one.

Have done some sewing on the Jan 24th "Mystery Quilt - Scrappy Stars". I like how the sample blocks look, might have to make it my "Leaders and Enders" project. My next quilt has to be the "Hearts", I need to get it made and quilted before the first week of April. I hate deadlines, but it is an anniversary gift for Arlene and Stan. And if the worst happens, and Stan passes away, it will become a "Quilt of Comfort" for Arlene.

Here is hoping that the next few weeks will be easier.

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