Tuesday, January 20, 2009

54/40 Change of Plan

Started sewing the extra blocks needed for the 54/40, got the 12 extra done. When I placed them on the design wall I really liked how it is all coming together. So now I need 28 more blocks to making this one Queen size, unfortunately I have already sewed 3 rows together, and to add more rows I will have to work to make all the stars work together. I'll put one row on top, one in the middle and one on the bottom, this should spread out the new colors.

My sister, Tarranda, has hinted several times that she needs a queen size quilt to fit her new bed, I think that this one will be for her. Once it's done I will decide then.

I have all the new blocks cut, and set up ready to sew. Will have just enough of the background fabric, I think that I have about a third of a yard left. So I can't make anymore changes to this quilt, as it is I will not have enough to put a border of the background fabric on. Either I purchase more fabric, or run the stars to the edge of the quilt, which means using a small binding so as not to cut off the star points. Think I will be going to the fabric store. . . .LOL . . . I like a wider binding usually 5/8 inch

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  1. oooh this will be one pretty quilt. I was admiring the blocks below!!!