Monday, December 29, 2008

Ugly quilt top done

Finished sewing the random scrappy string quilt together. I have 3 different sashing strips. Used a Dark Blue and White stripe on the outer border, a Dark Blue with bright orange cornerstones. And to make it even more ugly I used the bright orange as the middle of the quilt as sashing. The quilt finished with the orange sashing forming a cross in the middle of the quilt. Finish size in the 6x8 block layout was 72 x 96 inches. Hopefully it will work on a twin bed, I tried to plan for the last sashing row to frame the bed with the outer row of blocks hanging over the side of the bed.

Need to get a digital camera so I can post some pictures of this ugly quilt. This is very different from my normal quilt style. And I will admit that 3 blocks were put in backwards, I didn't notice until it was finished, and I had no desire to rip it out and fix it. I must also confess that not all my seams matched perfectly. Truthfully I don't care . . . this quilt was made to pass the time during this holiday. I started it on Christmas day, and was able to finish it today. Might never have this one quilted, not sure I want to waste the money. If I every get it quilted I would have a hard time finding a backing with blue and orange.


  1. I have found quilting to be great therapy for what ails me. I have also found not every top needs to be quilted - at least that is what I tell myself when I want to start piecing another one before the first one is quiltied! *G*

  2. I do not think your quilt is ugly. I think it is beautiful. If you do not want it, please donate it to the homeless shelter. They would definitely think it is very lovely.

  3. I am over at your blog from Cindy B's blog. She has volunteered to help with my Quilts for Women project. I am making quilts to give to the women who graduate out of the shelter and begin an independent life. I am finishing quilts that others send me so I can give them to these women. I would be more than happy to quilt your string top and pass it along to a woman. If you are interested, my email is Thanks!