Friday, December 26, 2008

String Quilts Update

Spent the entire day working on the string blocks, (13 hours). I had a blast - quilting is always relaxing and gives me a sense of peace. I was alone for most of the day, and the time just flew by. Looked at my watch and it was 1:30 in the morning, couldn't believe that I had spent that long sewing/quilting.

  • Red string quilt top is finished, I have decided not to put on borders.
  • Blue string blocks are still finished, but have not decided how to lay them out.
  • Random scrappy, the blocks are on the design wall. Have decided to use sashing strips between the blocks, selected a dark blue stripe on the outer rows, kind of like a border - with luck it will fall just right to frame the bed. I'm using a dark blue sashing in the center rows. Not sure what fabric for cornerstones - most likely a bright yellow. What started out being a crib quilt has turned into a full/queen. I like how this one has turned out, I might just have to keep this one for myself.

What is shocking is the fact that I have been quilting for over 25 years and only have two quilts that I've made. And those 2 quilts are ones that I had given my mom and retrieved after she died, a Double Wedding Ring, and a hand pieced Grandmothers Flower Garden.

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