Friday, December 19, 2008

More UFO's found

Started going thru all my UFO's this morning. Wanted to kit them up, to make it easier when I want to work on them. Found a few more that I had forgotten about

  • "Point-Less Wonder" blocks from several years ago. If I put sashing strips between each block I will have enough made for a crib quilt. The blocks as all blue prints, and I did not follow the pattern so they are rectangles not squares. If I do a 4 x 5 layout it will be almost the size needed for a crib quilt. Must go thru all my yellows and see what I have for cornerstones and outer border/binding. Hope that I have enough of one fabric to also use it for the backing. I love the combination of blue/yellow together.
  • Also found the blocks of 30"s print and black that I had made into 4-patches for a "Double 4-Patch". Really did not like how it was working up, so it went to the back burner. Might need to find another pattern that will allow me to use up the existing 4-patch blocks
  • And as I dig I'm sure that I will find more.

Well I back to the mess that I laughing call my quilt room.

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