Saturday, June 12, 2010

Update For Week Ending June 12.

Sunday - Spent part of the day on the internet looking over the blogs, the rest of the day reading books. I am re-reading the Janet Evanovich series Stephanie Plum. There are 15 books currently out, and book 16 comes out on the 22nd. Been several years since book one came out so I want to read them all again. Read books 1-3.

Monday - got email from AccuQuilt that the GO I ordered over the weekend would arrive on Thursday, did a happy dance (almost threw out my back . . .LOL ). Still reading the Stephanie Plum series books 4-7 today.

Tuesday - Internet and blog surfing. Still reading books 8-10.

Wednesday - Still reading books 11 - 12. Got word that I had won the 60 charm square at SewCalGal facebook site. This was the post I found when I checked Facebook 'Charm Square Giveaway winner is Lovie Ball, who was selected and announced last night! But I do plan on having another Charm Square giveaway soon, so maybe next time you will win". You might want to check out her page.

Thursday - Doctors appt. cancelled - rescheduled for next week. This was great news as my new GO arrived this day. Still reading only book 13 today, less time to read - have to watch (and pace floor) for the UPS man.

Friday - Found out I won a a Leisure Art quilt book at the In Stitches blog. Its the blog for the Quilt Shoppe, looks like they have fun over there, with different giveaways. They have a blog bingo going on right now. Next BINGO will start in December, so mark you calender. Still working on the Stephanine Plum series, only read book 14 today.

Saturday - Just finished - book 15 - yea, I'm done with the series until the 22nd. Waiting for "Sizzling Sixteen" to come out. Have already pre-ordered at Amazon. One of the few authors that I buy in Hardback, since I got a Kindle e-reader most of my book purchases are electronic downloads. Don't want to wait for the mail - but also don't want to buy the book twice by getting it as an electronic download. Wish that you could get the electronic version free with purchase of hardback. Working up string strips to feed to my GO, to make more tumbler blocks. Wonderful week overall - so lucky that I am planning on getting a Powerball ticket for tonight.


  1. You tore through that series! Are the books really good? Are they short or are you just a fast reader?

  2. you must be a fast reader! I have read up through 12 or 13 in the past. Have fun with your Go when it comes. I have been contemplating the studio version, only because the dies I want are only for it.

  3. I dropped by to say an Aussie Hello from Spring Fever Bingo.

    Welcome back to the quilting/creative world!! I can see you're getting back into the fun/planning/sewing groove already!!!

    I sadly had to come to the conclusion I could never make all the quilts I like, so I enjoy one day at a time working on something, but greatly inspired by the talents of many others.